In 2018 I started a new editorial project called SODA VITAL. I intended to print some one of a kind canevas that people could buy and stitch by themselves.

For the first season on »Canevas Fatals » I asked Tarmasz, Marie Boiseau, Valentin Seiche, Peixe and Aude Wiard to make amazing illustrations related to traditionnal themes of embroidery.















« Peste » is my first huge comic project. I posted it online every two weeks for almost a year but now I am trying to make it published as a book.

But you can still read it here (in french sorry)





ONE TO HUNDRED was a challenge I handled in 2015 : for almost a hundred consecutive days I drew scenes of the life of an heroic fantasy character. Each day was a new level of his evolution as he was living many adventures. It was really fun to do !



Read the rest here !




« Sophia mon Amour » is a self published book I made in 2017. It is about a love story I had with an ant queen.










I am a true ant lover and I often post some videos of my pet colony on Instagram. So follow me !

In December 2017 I organized a painting workshop with the pupils of the Collège Jules Michelet in Angoulême. I proposed them to select and choose five personnalities which are part of any kind of « minorities ». Then they realized big black and white portraits of them using a technic that I enjoy : pixel art. The idea was to paint them almost blurred by the pixellation, they sometimes disappear if you are standing too close. This partial erasure represent the fact that these people have been less represented in the medias because they belong to minorities, dispite they have accomplished incredible things during their lives. The pupils were very intersted in knowing more about them and the big portraits will be hang in the school.












We portrayed Alan Turing, Cheryl Bridges, Mae Jemison, Josephine Baker and Stephen Hawking.


The FRAC Angoulême invited the freshly graduated students of our promo to show their works a year after finishing school. The exhibition was directed by Albertine de Galbert and Mathilde Ayoub and had for theme the Security.

In November 2016 the Forum des Arts de Talence invited me to participate to the exhibition « Sur le fil ». The theme was « textile contemporary art » so I presented my Power Rangers canevas. I shared the place with Sylvain Auburgan, Julia Bartolini, Caroll Bertin, Audrey Buzzolini, Anne Marie Ourou, Sophie Fougy, Isabelle Gruand, Isabelle Hautefeuille, Lamyne M, Rosa M, Adam Nidzgorski, Révérent Ethan Acres, Sew & Laine, Jacques Trovic.



La Forêt Enchantée

In December 2016, with the wonderfuls Sylvie Dissa, Pascal Laurent, Hélène Godet, Laurine Clochard and Aurélie Mourier, we have been invited by the Forum des Arts de Talence to invest this place around the theme : La Forêt Enchantée. In a magical space I presented all the Videogames canevas serie.